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"Fountain of Living Water" is stand alone read, supplemental to the book "Member Heal Thyself", that reviewers showered with praises. Readers requested that the author create more thirst-quenching information on the topics of the twelve resources.


This book will cover the first of "Member Heal Thyself's" twelve resources; "Hydration" much more in depth and in all its various aspects including many surprising details not covered in the first book. The "First" resource and then after the twelve, maybe the "Last" resource you'll cycle back to again.


  • Discover mysteries: missing healing properties of water and the impacts of every drop of life


  • Be inspired: historical analogies narratively sprinkled through touching vulnerability, explore new ways to use water never before dreamed of


  • Be changed: tailor steps to preferred personal needs with nature’s natural resource



Drink you fill to overflowing!


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Advanced Readers said:


"It was so good. I don't even know how to put it into words! People...are going to get...whatever...they need from this book!" - Strad, Advanced Reader Team


"Fountain of Living Waters is compelling with life lessons ubiquitous to all people with heart warming self-contemplation and inner wisdom that everyone will take away a key lesson into their lives." - Jimmy Gialelis, Advanced Reader Team, Board Certified Instructor


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Publisher: SWC Publishing

Hardcover: 258 pages

Language: English

Publication Date: October 04, 2023

Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0 inches

Item Weight:  1.07lb / 485.34 g

ISBN-10: 0999858653

ISBN-13: 978-0-999-8586-5-3

Fountain of Living Water

SKU: BK - FLW - H 9780999858653
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