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Rebecca Shelton

Nonfiction Author, BCTMB

Mesa, AZ's Concussion Expert

Survivor, Motivational Speaker



PO Box 634
Mesa, AZ 85211

Date of First Publish:

June 2018

A Bit About Me

Having experienced many trials, physical, and emotional traumas throughout her life, Rebecca comes to us with a massive amount of knowledge and experience. Her voice of reason is sound and her results speak for themselves as has been attested to by celebrities, families, and individuals alike. City of Mesa, Arizona hailed Rebecca as their Official Concussion Expert and her wellness center was named Mesa's Favorite Wellness Center for good reason.


Research and studying have always gone hand in hand for Rebecca, who has been involved in many community groups within her community, helping and serving where she can. She can be found lending comfort and support to those around her and lifting the feeble knee when she is not spending time with her family, writing her next book, or working with clients. One of her favorite pass times aside from reading, is making and sharing tasty recipes with loved ones; family and friends, meeting new friends, and she has a love of the arts.


Rebecca is available for interviews, podcasts, public and private speaking events, and workshops

Online - Worldwide and In-Person in the state of Arizona, United States of America.

Speaking Points

Her Book: "Member Heal Thyself
Tales of cancer, being broken, and the final sleep we all must take sometime.
New Books releasing on the twelve resources every three to six months now

Rebecca wrote her first book on her deathbed as she struggled to come back from the edge of what could have been her life's last breath. Pondering how to exit her body, hear the chilling tale how she was inspired to write this book and how she found the strength to share three very personal tales of overcoming trial and trauma in her own life. Rejoice as you listen to her share motivating stories and moldable resources to each person's unique situation with astounding results!

Cancer, Surgeries, Injuries, other Chronic Illness Topics, 
Restoring Health and Wellness

Having witnessed and been affected by cancer on many levels, Rebecca shares unique insights into surviving parenting, caregiving, what dying feels like, how to conquer fear, and how to grieve the lifestyle that has been lost, relationships, loved ones passed on, best resources she has used with cancer patients in her clinic and more.

Grief and Dying,
Handling Stress During Great Upheaval,
Overcoming Great Tragedy

As so many struggle with losing jobs, homes, multiple loved ones becoming ill and dying in unseen massive droves, we find that many are lost in a sea of grief that they were unprepared for. As an End of Life Doula, Rebecca is trained in the best coping methods for various types of loss, grief, deaths, and more importantly, how can you prepare now to minimize the emotional, financial, and legal devastations that we can be prepared for and how to deal with those that take us by surprise!

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